Analysis axes

Information computed on each clonotype are detailed on the clone information panel (🛈 button). They can be shown as axes on the grid view. Some of them can be shown as data columns in the aligner ( button) and used by the color by menu.

Basic axes

N-region / CDR3 analysis

Other axes

Some of these values requires to have some setup on some instances of the server.

Availability of axes

name axes (grid view) aligner color_by
V/5' gene x x
V/5 allele x
D gene x
D allele x
J/3' gene x x
J/3 allele x
clone consensus length x x
clone average read length x x
GC content x x
N length x x
CDR3 length (nt) x
productivity x x x
productivity detailed x x
productivity IMGT x x
VIdentity IMGT x x
tag x x
clone consensus coverage x
locus x x
size x x
size (other sample) x
number of samples x x
primers x
V/5' deletions in 3' x
J/3' deletions in 5' x
cloneDB occurrences x
cloneDB patients/runs/sets occurrences