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Germline genes⚓︎

Vidjil-algo can use custom germline presets. This developer documentation focuses on updating or adding the default germline files.

The germlines are compiled with germline/ They come from various sources: - IMGT/GENE-DB. See in particular the data updates - Genomic sequences through the [NCBI E-utilities API] - A few static files

It is advised to regularly retrieve the new sequences. However doing so may break some tests and requires some time and to fix things by hand.

On a feature-g/ branch⚓︎

We first prepare germlines on a feature-g branch. First you need to retrieve the new germlines. From the germline/ directory of Vidjil:

  • run make get-all-data
  • run make diff-from-saved to see what changed since the previous release Take inspiration from this diff to write an insightful commit message.
  • when we add new features/germline pre-processing, we add tests to germline/tests

It is also advised to work on tests on the algorithm (see below), but, at this stage, this is not enforced.

When a pipeline from a feature-g succeeds, a .tar.gz is uploaded to with an id such as 2021-01-21.

On a feature-a/ branch⚓︎

  • Put the new germline id in germline/germline_id (and also in germline/homo_sapiens.g)
  • Then make germline will retrieve from the new germlines

  • From the root directory, run a make test and possibly update the tests (and possibly make diff-from-saved)


You also have to generate the md5 of the germline data. For that purpose:

# To be launched in the germline directory
rm -f ../algo/tests/should-get-tests/10-md5-germline.should

echo > ../algo/tests/should-get-tests/10-md5-germline.should
echo "$ Check md5 in germline/, sequences split and processed from germline and other databases" >> ../algo/tests/should-get-tests/10-md5-germline.should
md5sum */???[VDJ].fa | sed -r 's/^/1:/;s/\s+/ /g;' | sort -k 2 >> ../algo/tests/should-get-tests/10-md5-germline.should 
echo >> ../algo/tests/should-get-tests/10-md5-germline.should

echo "$ Check md5 in germline/, other sequences" >> ../algo/tests/should-get-tests/10-md5-germline.should
md5sum */CD*.fa */???[VDJ]+{up,down}.fa */IGK-*.fa */TRDD[23]*.fa */IG*=*.fa | sed -r 's/^/1:/;s/\s+/ /g;' | sed "s/[+]/./" | sort -k 2 >> ../algo/tests/should-get-tests/10-md5-germline.should

# Then check the differences with 'git diff' and/or use 'git commit -p'

On some systems, md5sum should be replaced by md5 -r.