Warnings in .vidjil files

These warnings are found in .vidjil files and alert the user on some unusual result. They will be displayed in the Vidjil web application. Some warnings are related to individual clones or reads, whereas some others are related to the dataset or the programs used. They can be produced by vidjil-algo or by any RepSeq program or script willing to inform the user.

The following list is a work-in-progress, with links to gitlab issues in Vidjil. Warnings which were implemented ([x]) have a fixed code that should not be changed for backward compatibility.

Generic errors

Output of a pre-process ~"server-pre-process"

Output of an analysis, global warnings

Output of an analysis, warnings on some clones

Read quality

Clone quality (KmerSegmenter in vidjil-algo)

Strange recombination (FineSegmenter in vidjil-algo), V and J genes

Strange recombination (FineSegmenter in vidjil-algo), D gene, N regions*

Comparisons between several samples or patients (such as with clonedb)